Key Performance Metrics

What gets measured, gets funded! Defining Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) is crucial in measuring your marketing and helping your agencies and partners be more effective. There are four steps that involve defining these KPIs which will feed into Business Intelligence and Analytics environments. 

  • Define Customer Key Performance metrics
  • Create customer, financial, product and segmentation measurement and reporting
  • Develop vendor | agency | partner assessment
  • Manage customer and vendor scorecard execution

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting tools and business intelligence set up and creation includes four steps.

  • Assess and select

  • Set up & Integrate
  • Create reporting
  • Deploy and educate

Analytics and predictive insights

Customer analysis and predictive insights are giving businesses unprecedented advantages over the competition. An opportunity to connect with customers at the right channel, right time with the right message is a key to a long term growth and retention of the most profitable customer segments.


Analytics staging

Assessment of Analytics

Web analytics readiness

Analytic data mapping

Analytics resource structure


Analytics deployment

Exploratory analysis

Promotion effectiveness analysis

Customer Segment scoring

Web analytics

Email testing and analysis

Sales analysis


Constant prediction

Cluster analysis

Response models

Acquisition models

Retention models

Predictive analysis 

Segment analysis