The best way to connect customers to your brand is to create relevant communication. Relevant communication starts with data and tools to create insights. How do you get started on the journey to really anticipate and fulfill the needs of your customers? No matter where you are on your journey to become a customer-centric organization, there are four steps:

  • Collect, enrich, integrate and analyze all of your data so that you know more about your customers and can use smarter marketing. 
  • Enable your teams to become more data-driven so that they can achieve excellence in customer-centric marketing. 
  • Deliver every project with a learning agenda and analytics.
  • Leverage data to drive costs out of your marketing, IT and operations. 

Mehta Marketing is an advisory and a solution provider that helps clients grow by integrating, managing, and analyzing data, executing omni-channel marketing and creating technology solutions. We serve our clients by providing strategic advisory services, delivering cohesive marketing and implementing solutions derived from data, insights and technology. We do this by starting with the data and ending with richer insights and a robust roadmap.


Leverage your data to talk to customers with relevancy.

Here's how we can help.

Advisory Services

With today's complex business needs, there are many challenges to get the right go-to-market strategy executed. Creating a roadmap in IT, digital transformation, marketing channel execution, and securing technical tools, all need to be fully aligned to execute the go-to-market strategy. Finally, continuous testing and learning helps revise the strategy through analysis. How do you implement these?

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Data Integration & Management

Big Data creates significant opportunities. It also presents challenges in taking out costs of managing large volumes of data. A vast amount of data can help unlock insights about customers and business. Recognizing and organizing this essential data becomes a priority for marketing, IT and operations teams.

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Marketing Solutions

Customers want a personalized conversation with brands. Targeting the optimum segment and creating relevancy creates a richer dialog with customers.  With so many transactions and activity on various social media and websites, today's customers expect brands to tell them that they are recognized as valued customers. All this needs to happen in real-time and at the right moment.

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Analytics Solutions

Analysis and insights from customer transactions, campaign responses and social interactions can make a major upgrade to customer acquisition strategy or retention efforts. Growth and health of your marketing and IT efforts need to come from analysis. Adding merchandising analysis brings richness to the customer predictability. The more you know your customers, the better business decisions you make.

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